Public Affairs Advisor for Social Media II

Job Details

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Job Code: 161011

Number of Openings: 2

Company Overview

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The Social Media Advisor is responsible for creating, editing, posting, and responding to social media (SM) items on all Consulate SM platforms and websites. This includes responsibility for all video and multimedia development, production, editing and graphic design. The incumbent must be highly innovative in identifying means of delivering messages on U.S. policy, culture and society to southern Iraqi audiences. S/he is also responsible for ensuring the Consulate's Arabic and English language websites are up-to-date by working with relevant Consulate and Embassy Baghdad sections to create text, photos, and videos showcasing U.S. government policy, programs and activities in southern Iraq. S/he advises the Consulate, through the Public Affairs Officer (PAO), on Iraqi SM trends and influencers and provides weekly reports of metrics from the Consulate’s SM and traditional website platforms. S/he works with the PAO to supervise a locally hired Media Assistant in charge of translating daily news clips. The Advisor will provide guidance, oversight and editing of the Assistant’s daily media summary, and write occasional analytical reports on larger trends in Iraq observed in traditional and social media outlets to provide context for officers. The incumbent has in-depth expertise on the media environment in southern Iraq, to include media outlet affiliations, direction, editorial bias, reporting focus and funding sources. The incumbent provides big picture assessments to mission personnel on current events and hot topics in southern Iraq through regular monitoring and analysis of what is being reported in the local Iraqi and pan-Arab media outlets and contrasts that to social media posts on similar topics.

  • Create and Post Social Media Content - Design, create, edit, and post materials on the Consulate's social media platforms, with input and guidance from the Public Affairs Officer. Use knowledge of the Iraqi and pan Arab social media landscape to craft messages that will resonate with Iraqi audiences and reflect U.S. government policies and more broadly, accurate information on U.S. culture, values and society. Create and edit graphics for use with social media postings, including banners on our main accounts. Works under the direct supervision of the PAO. However, owing to the technical nature of position and need for constant attention to website and social media platforms, incumbent must be able to work independently and often on tight deadlines with minimal supervision, following all pertinent USG policies.
  • Monitor, Engage, and Report on Social Media Followership - Daily monitoring of comments from the Consulate’s social media followers. Remove inappropriate content according to State Department policies. In consultation with PAO, find comments that are appropriate for responses on a variety of topics. Draft, post and monitor responses that will resonate with Iraqi followers and lead to further discussion. Provide the PAO with weekly reports of statistics from the Consulate’s SM and traditional website platforms to analyze the reach, engagement and other quantifiable metrics.
  • Video Production and Multimedia Management - Develop, produce, and edit short outreach videos for social media and other purposes. Manage workflow, shooting, subtitling, pre- and post-production of these videos. Support the Consulate’s video products on our YouTube channel, Website and Facebook page. Provide input regarding video scripts and the effective and creative use of video products to maximize viewership and positive response. Coach Consulate video participants on appropriate vocabulary, gestures, and non-verbal language for Iraqi audiences.
  • Supervise Media Monitoring - The incumbent works with the PAO to direct the media monitoring activities of the Media Assistant, who translates daily news clips. The incumbent provides advice to the Media Assistant and PAO on which news articles, TV programs and radio broadcasts deserve the most attention. The Advisor conducts after-hours news monitoring as needed, especially for major press conferences and media events, or security issues affecting the Consulate. S/he also provides English translation and analysis of major, late-breaking news stories and directs the work of the Media Assistant in preparing Media Reaction reports for major news of interest to the Consulate. The incumbent helps edit the work of the Media Assistant and checks their work for accuracy, English grammar, and to ensure that the most important news items are appropriately highlighted and topics of interest to the USG are not overlooked.
  • Develop and Maintain Contacts, Media Advising - Develop and maintain contacts with prominent Iraqi bloggers, social and traditional media practitioners. Advise the Public Affairs Officer on trends in Iraqi social media, including the launch of new platforms and/or new uses for existing platforms. Advise Consulate Basrah personnel and visiting senior USG officials on media trends, public statements and use of appropriate tone and cultural references in the Consulate’s public messages. Work with the Media Assistant to prepare potential press interview questions, talking points and messaging themes and participate in preparatory sessions (“murder boards”). In the absence of the Media Assistant, the Social Media advisor plans, arranges and coordinates media events, including interviews, press conferences, roundtables, and representational events. This duty often includes translating and interpreting for the press events as the majority of U.S. officials do not have Arabic language skills. S/he will also back-up the Media Assistant who is in charge of the media contact database, press liason work for public events, and serves as the inventory and device management staffer for all Public Affairs Section (PAS) digital tools such as cameras, iPads, software, laptops, etc.

Required Qualifications

  • Two (2) or more years in the field of journalism, communications, marketing or social media management.
  • Must possess a deep understanding of the political, cultural, historical, and media environment in Iraq and the region.
  • Must have demonstrable technical skills in managing institutional social media platforms such as for NGO, business, or governmental use.
  • Must have experience with Hootsuite, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube for government, NGO or corporate (not personal) use.
  • Level 5 in Arabic is required.
  • A portfolio of graphic design and/or videos produced is required.
  • Experience with report writing in English, media monitoring, graphic design, video editing, social media content creation.
  • Significant, proven experience in managing institutional social media platforms, including technical skills and capacity to produce graphics, video and appropriate visual content for social media use.
  • Prior insight and understanding of the various online media outlets in Iraq, to include satellite channels, radio stations, newspapers and social media platforms.
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, graphic design, political science, public policy, international relations, marketing or related field is required.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Level 5 in English preferred; Level 4 in English is the minimum requirement.


TCI offers a competitive compensation package.

TCI is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer that values diversity in our workforce. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.