Shashrina Thomas

VP, Strategic Services

Photo of Shashrina Thomas, VP of Strategic Services

Shashrina Thomas is Vice President of Strategic Services at TRI-COR Industries, Inc (TCI) and is committed to building a diverse operational culture of excellence to help create a competitive advantage in the Defense, Homeland Security, and Intelligence Communities for both the public and the private sectors. In her experience as a former senior advisor for Members of the House of Representatives, Shashrina built the largest procurement contracting meet and match opportunity for women in the private sector, secured benefits for disabled veterans, and strategically developed and implemented complex legislative agendas, while cultivating key relationships with congressional staff and pertinent stakeholders. Her marketing expertise in the areas of appropriations, defense, energy, healthcare, homeland security, intelligence, and transportation allows her to lead TCI's growth in these areas.

When it comes to both transactional and transformational thought leadership, bold thinking, and quality representation at the federal level, Shashrina has mastered it and provides great value as Vice President at TCI. She has 20 years of international experience working in the public and private sectors. She holds a B.A. degree from Wright State University (Ohio) and an MBA from Trinity University (Washington, DC).