What is Ansible® and how can it help me?

Ansible® is an industry-leading automation tool that can centrally govern and monitor disparate systems and workloads and transform and modernize enterprise IT services through the rapid deployment of applications that can scale at pace with demand.

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The Border Patrol Foundation (BPF) leaps ahead by providing benefits using Mobile Apps deployed on AWS cloud implemented by TCI

BPF needed a scalable, secure, configurable, and easy to maintain environment for the benefit of members. BPF worked with TCI to develop requirements to benefit members. TCI customized its mobile platform to deliver these requirements for BPF. Initial development was performed in an environment that facilitated rapid code delivery with several tradeoffs for production capability. The final production environment would require all the benefits of Agile and DevOps methods with scalable, secure, configurable, and easy to maintain environments.


The Non-Commissioned Officers Association leaps ahead by providing benefits using AWS cloud services implemented by TCI

The Non-commissioned Officers Association offers its members online and mobile services for communications. NCOA had a limited ability to facilitate registration of new members when joining it’s advocacy base. The advocacy members are current or retired members of the U.S. military and offer insight from specific roles within the service to be a voice on Capitol Hill during the legislative process. TCI’s mobile application automated and streamlined this registration process, allowing NCOA administrative staff to focus on other important non-profit operations. TCI also integrated with a tool, VoterVoice, allowing the advocates to communicate directly with elected officials using a native mobile format.