Development Integration And Implementation

Xenith Solutions/TCI integrates the principles and practices of Agile and SecDevOps at scale across the entire enterprise, to accelerate mission-critical enterprise application development and deployment utilizing open-source and commercially available technologies and platforms.

We use industry-leading standards and methodologies to develop innovative, custom applications and deliver process-focused software solutions that enable our customers to realize their critical business requirements and connect with constituents across a variety of domains.

The Xenith Solutions/TCI team works as a unified team to address usability concerns, optimize business processes, and design world-class secure application interfaces that are intuitive and improve user adoption. Our development experience includes:

  • Custom Applications using Open-Source Technologies, Platforms and UI/UX designs
  • Microservice Architectures
  • API Development and Integrations
  • Cloud enabled and Native Applications
  • COTS Implementations (Salesforce, SAP, etc.,)
  • Custom mobile and web-based software development

Case Studies